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Photography of New York West 4th playground

Hors-D'œuvre is a french creative studio founded by three friends who share their vision of the game that built their friendship and bond.

Between the Parisian suburbs concrete and the "Côte Roannaise“ vineyards, we draw inspiration and enrich our creations from the diverse cultures we grew up in.

Led by the motto [œuvre] - French meaning artwork - the studio delivers an authentic body of work focused on effortless styles and attention to detail.

What is the meaning of Hors-D'œuvre ?

The name Hors-D’œuvre is a nod to the french savoir-faire. 

We chose this term because of its gastronomical origin as we met while playing basketball in the city of Roanne, know as a land of flavours.




Create, sip wine and ball.



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