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One of Chorale Roanne Basketball first team. 

Troisième Collection

A Story of Textile and Basketball


Mr Henri Rhodamel, président/founder of Chorale de Roanne Basket
Photo : 

Kids playing during a time-out at the Palais des Sports that Mr Henri Rhodamel have built for his team back in 1949. Photo DR.


For this "Troisième Collection, we worked closely with the company Rhodamel based in Roanne, France. The three Hors-D'œuvre's founders having met while playing at the Chorale de Roanne, a basketball club founded in 1937 by Mr. Henri Rhodamel, it is only natural that they reached out to this local company in order to perpetuate the heritage and the history that links Roanne textiles to sport.

This association made it possible to take a new step in the manufacturing of high-end products and in particular to offer for the very first time knitted pieces developed with the expertise of the Rhodamel house.

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